How Will A Screened Porch Benefit You?

How will a screened porch benefit you?

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If you’re considering a screened porch addition at your home and weighing the pros and cons, you probably have questions. At Archadeck of Suburban Boston, one question we hear frequently from homeowners is this: Will a screened porch add value to my home? Before investing in home improvements, you may want to know if you can expect a return on that investment if—or when—you sell the home.

The answer is a resounding yes, a screened porch or 3-season room addition will add value to your home—and in more ways than one. If you’re primarily focused on the monetary value, you may overlook the other ways in which a screened porch can add value.


There is more than one way to express what you gain by adding a screened porch to your home. A little slice of heaven, some people say. A comfortable room that’s an extension of your home but at the same time a getaway destination. A protected space where friends and family can gather for special events when rainy weather moves in. How do you put a price on the intrinsic benefits of owning a screened porch?

Are screened porches included in the square footage of your home?

When it’s time to sell your home, you may want to know if your realtor can include the screened porch addition in your home’s total square footage. For the purpose of determining your home’s price per square foot, the answer is no. Your realtor can only include conditioned space in your home’s square footage, meaning space that is insulated, heated, and cooled. These are your interior rooms.


Don’t interpret this to mean your new screened porch won’t add value to your home. Even in terms of real estate sales, your outdoor room can add value in other ways. While not included in square footage, a high-quality, custom-built screened porch—a screened porch from Archadeck—will always appeal to home buyers. It will make your home more desirable to buyers, and it can set your home apart from others on the market at the same time. If your home includes a beautiful, inviting screened porch, the porch itself can help a prospective buyer imagine their family enjoying the home.

Will other homes for sale in your area include screened porches or three-season rooms? As buyers compare the amenities at homes listed in your area, will they expect your home to have one of these outdoor rooms?

It would be impossible to predict a specific dollar amount or percentage for the return on your investment in a screened porch. Statistics indicate that you can expect to recoup a portion of your investment in a screened porch or 3-season room. Actual return on investment (ROI) varies according to geographic location, and porches usually bring a higher return in warmer parts of the country. When we discuss this topic with you, we may ask whether you’re considering a screened porch addition primarily for the purpose of increasing your home’s sales value. We’ve had this conversation with other clients in the past, and the answer to that question is usually No.

How do screened porches add value to a home?

When you consider the benefits of having a screened porch, you can look at each benefit as a way the screened porch will add value. Some of the benefits are tangible:

  • More livable space at your home for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Protection from mosquitoes and other insects while you enjoy nature and the outdoors.
  • Protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays while you enjoy fresh air and sunny days.
  • Protection from rainy weather when you plan an outdoor event at your home.

Other benefits to having a screened porch or three-season room may be intangible but no less appealing. A screened porch is more than just another room addition. Screened porches are special places. They allow you to be outdoors and indoors at the same time. The porch enables you to enjoy pleasant weather as no indoor room can. (Opening windows simply cannot compare to sitting out on a screened porch.)


A screened porch has an air of leisure about it. This outdoor room can be used as an escape. Come outside on the porch for a while and leave your cares inside! And yet, if you’re working from home, using the screened porch as an office means working outdoors can be your guilty pleasure. Whether you’re working or relaxing, a screened porch or 3-season room can enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors at your home.

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How do screened porches add value? Your screened porch design plays a part in that!

As your surburban Boston screened porch builder, Archadeck of Suburban Boston will design your porch in the way that adds the most value for you. We consult with you about the ways you want to use your porch so we can tailor its design to your purpose. Your porch design includes everything from size and shape to materials and amenities.


A screened porch designed just the way you want it adds value to the way you live at home. It adds value to the way you enjoy the outdoors at your home. A perfect example of that concept is a screened porch or 3-season porch designed with a cathedral ceiling. These high-ceiling porches are extremely popular for their abundance of fresh air and natural light.

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Will a screened porch add value to my home?

By now you can tell where we stand on this question. We firmly believe a well-designed screened porch—or its cousin, the 3-season room—will add value to your home. The porch will add value by enhancing your enjoyment of your home and, if you sell your home, by making your home more desirable to buyers. Overall, adding a screened porch by Archadeck is a worthwhile investment for your home.

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